City Utilities

Gas Texas State Natural Gas, Inc.
Size of Transmission Lines Serving City 6 & 10 inch
Transmission Line Pressure PSIG 450
Distribution Pressure PSIG 8 – 12 lbs.
BTU Rating (per cubic foot) Avg. 1,120
Electricity AEP Texas
Distribution Voltage 15.9 kilovolts
Number of Transmission Lines Two 138 kilovolt Lines
Electricity Rio Grande Electric Coop
Distribution Voltage 7.2 kilovolts
Telephone AT&T
Dial Service Direct Distance Dialing
Data Processing Circuits  Wide Area Telephone Service (WATS)
Other Long Distance Companies Service the Area
Sewer System
Type of Treatment Plant De-watering / Sludge Recovery System / Grass Farm Reuse
Maximum Capacity 6,000,000 gallons
Maximum Daily Use 3,500,000 gallons
Waste Disposal Residential and Commercial Solid Waste
# of Industrial Pickups per Week MPAL Serv. 5
Private Contract Service Available
Water Source: Rio Grande River, City Water Works
Maximum System Capacity (daily) 15,000,000 gallons
Maximum Daily Use 9,500,000 gallons
Overhead Storage Capacity 4,700,000 gallons
Ground Storage Capacity 4,300,000 gallons
Untreated Reserve 25,000,000 gallons
Size of Mains 24″ to 2″ System Looped
Pressure of Mains 60 (+IR-) PSIG Average