Piedras Negras

A bustling city of 265,000 also was begun as an army camp. Though it boasts active coal-mining and manufacturing industries, it retains the feel of Old Mexico. In fact, many say that Piedras Negras more closely resembles cities in Mexico’s interior than it does other border cities.

Across the Rio Grande from Eagle Pass, Piedras Negras offers many fine restaurants where even the most stubborn taste buds could surrender. The market place is an interesting and popular place to visit with original curio shops.

Right here is the birthplace of that super Mexican appetizer, the Nacho. Accept no imitations, this is the only place on earth where you can get the original.

“Corridas” are not regularly scheduled as they were in years past, but the ring still stands ready for the exciting action of the Mexican Bullfights.

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Map of Piedras Negras, Coahuila, Mexico

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San Bernardo Mission

About 40 miles from Piedras Negras, well worth the drive to visit this beautiful Mission.

Municipal Presidency Building and Plaza de Los Heroes

The Mexican people hold fast to their history, passing their legacy from generation to generation in stories and celebrations, some held here in this plaza, and rightly so, as it, in itself, is a reminder if the strong Mexican heroes of yesterday.